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Little Red School House

September 13, 2011

Little Red School HouseBrothers, Oregon© jan albers | all rights reserved© jan albers | all rights reserved

Brothers School
Brothers, Oregon

Recent statistics put the enrollment at this K-8 school at six students, which represents about one-sixth of the town’s population.

Here, U.S. 20 is known as the Central Oregon Highway. Brothers occupies the otherwise empty space between Burns (to the east) and Bend (to the west). The origin of the town’s name is somewhat cloudy. Some say it comes from several families of brothers who settled in the area, and others say it was inspired by three local hills backed by the nearby Three Sisters Mountains.

And yes, farther west on the highway there’s a Sisters, Oregon, named after those same mountains. Among these two “siblings,” Sisters appears to be faring better than Brothers – its four public schools serve some 1,300 students.


Hot Wheels

August 15, 2011

Webster City, Iowa© jan albers | all rights reserved
© jan albers | all rights reserved

Webster City, Iowa

Cruising downtown Webster City, Iowa.

Fire(works) and Ice

May 1, 2011

Fire(works) and IceJackson, Nebraska© karen e. titus | all rights reserved© karen e. titus | all rights reserved

Jackson, Nebraska

Despite the fire and ice signs book-ending these two girls, this was a peaceful little town. The world may not end here, but we did wonder how small towns like this would keep from perishing. What would suffice to keep these girls in town as they grew older?

In another, even smaller town further west, an historical marker notes, “The nearby village of Newport, established in 1883, became one of the major hay shipping centers in the nation, with thousands of tons being exported each year.” It’s hard to imagine anything major happening again on main streets like this.

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