Cowboy Line


Drive-In TheaterLong Pine, Nebraska© jan albers | all rights reserved© jan albers | all rights reserved

Long Pine, Nebraska

It shouldn’t be surprising that this drive-in has closed–the town’s population is less than 400. In busier days, Long Pine was a hub on the so-called Cowboy Line, which paralleled Route 20, for the Chicago and North Western railroad. Today this route is being developed into a trail for biking, walking, and horseback riding.


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2 Responses to “Cowboy Line”

  1. Heidi O'Connor Says:

    K: So evocative. I’ve seen versions of this scene all over small towns in the Midwest. Great shot.

  2. Karen Says:

    Driving to/from Cleveland this weekend, we passed a couple drive-ins that we’d shot years ago. It’s interesting (tho not at all surprising, of course) how the scene changes depending on the light and the time of year. I think the above is a rare example of a successful high noon-type of shot. Usually my preference is beginning or end of the day.

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